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Welcome to Fertimix!
Fertimix is a custom fertilizer manufacturer located in Jordan, MN. Blending, Packaging and Distribution of general purpose and custom fertilizers is the core of our business. For more information about who we are you can click here.

Fertilizers, grass seeds, herbicides and insecticides for Residential, Agricultural, Municipal, Athletic and Commercial purposes. Fertimix is your one-stop resource for all your fertilizer needs.

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Fertilizer ingredients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and micro-nutrients for your lawn. Custom fertilizers for sale at Fertimix in Jordan, MN. Fertilizer for sale at Ferimix in Jordan, MN by the bag, by the pallet or in Bulk. Wholesale Fertilizers delivered to your location for resale. Fertimix in Jordan, Minnesota is the place for all your fertilizer needs.

What We Sell
Grass Seed
Fertilizers for sale for homeowners and professional applicators at Ferimix in Jordan, MN.
Who We Serve
Farmers Golf Courses
Homeowners Groundskeepers
Landscapers Municipalities
Sod Growers Resellers
Nurseries and More

Why Choose Fertimix Fertimix in Jordan, MN is a fertilizer manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and grass seeds for southern Minnesota and the upper Midwest.
When you choose Fertimix for all of your fertilizer, grass seed, herbicide, insecticide and ice-melt needs you can be sure that you're getting the very best products at direct from the manufacturer savings. We use only the highest quality raw materials to produce a consistantly high quality professional grade product to help you produce the best results possible.

As an agile production facility we can fulfill any size order in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost of retail home improvement outlets. In addition, we can produce custom fertilizers you just can't find anywhere else, for direct application or resale.

And, we are open to the public for retail sales at wholesale prices. Call our sales team or stop in to see how we can help you get better results while saving you time and money.

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