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About Fertimix - Committed to Quality
Fertimix is a custom fertilizer manufacturer. We shop worldwide suppliers to find the best priced raw materials to create the highest quality, best value fertilizing products possible. We have been serving the custom blended fertilizer needs of the Twin Cities area, southern Minnesota and the upper midwest since the mid 1980s.

Located in Jordan, Minnesota we sell our products by Retail, Wholesale and Bulk sales. Whether it's 50lb bags, 2000lb totes or bulk orders, Fertimix can supply all of your fertilizer needs.
Fertimix in Jordan, MN is a custom fertilizer manufacturer providing retail, wholesale and bulk sales of custom fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials in the Twin Cities southern Minnesota area.

What Sets Us Apart:

At Fertimix, we buy our fertilizer raw materials directly from the suppliers, custom blend and package our fertilizers in our own manufacturing facility and maintain and operate our own fleet of delivery trucks for cost effective freight.

When you order a specific formula, we carefully weigh each ingredient, screen it twice and blend it exactly to your requirements. Fertilizer formulating is the core of our business. Our efficient and precise approach to manufacturing means that you can expect a clean, consistant, high quality product every time. From estimate to delivery, we keep the ball rolling to fulfill your order in a timely manner.

 Fertimix is a Custom Fertilizer Specialist that manufactures custom fertilizers from Jordan, MN and delivers the fertilizer around the upper midwest. Who We Are:

Fertimix is a locally owned and operated, family run business. We employ your friends and neighbors and we offer three generations of knowledge and experience in the fertilizer industry.

We take great pride in producing high quality fertilizers and ice melt products at an unbeatable value for our customers around southern Minnesota and the upper Mid West!
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