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Custom Fertilizer Blends
General purpose fertilizers and custom blending of fertilizers for Residential, Agricultural, Municipal, Athletic Fields, Nurseries, Lawn Care Companies, Landscapers, Sod Growers, Golf Courses and Resellers has been the core of our business for decades.

In addition to the variety of in-stock fertilizers, grass seeds, herbicides and insecticides we also provide the service of custom blending fertilizers specific for you. Whether you are an individual or a company. And, whether it is for personal use or commercial.
Fertimix in Jordan, Minnesota is a custom fertilizer specialist for all your residential, agricultural, munical needs. 

Fertimix in Jordan, MN can provide any quantity fertilizer by the bag, by the pallet or by the truckload.

There are times when a custom fertilizer is exactly what you need. Along with our Soil Analysis services we can provide a custom blended fertilizer for your specific soil condition. Whatever your needs we can supply just a few bags, a pallet or a truck load. Fertilizer blended for your exact soil nutritional needs.

For Landscapers, Sod Growers, Nurseries and other professional growers and turf management pros, we can develop custom made fertilizer to your exact specifications and supply that fertilizer to you to help set you apart from your competition.


For larger companies that require their own fertilizers for distribution we also offer our custom blending and packaging services to your exact specifications.

For larger landscaping companies, commercial groundskeepers, home improvement outlets, or local nurseries, among others, that would like to offer their own special fertilizer blends, we can blend your custom fertilizer, package that fertilizer for you in retail 50lb bags, with your branding and logo, and deliver it to your location by the pallet.

We can create a product that you will be thrilled to sell your customers. Your branding to increase your bottom line.

Contact our sales team to find out how we can help you grow your sales.
Custom blended fertilizers in branded packaging for retail sales at your location.
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