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Fertimix is Open to the Public! For those individual homeowners that appreciate local area advice from local experts, we know fertilizers. All of our Professional Turf Formula fertilizer products plus Turf Herbicides and Insecticides are in stock in retail packaging and available for retail sale. Vist our Contact page for our location information.

In addition to helping you kill the weeds and fertilizing a beautiful, lush green lawn, we also produce a line of de-icers for your driveway and your sidewalk in our harsh Midwest winters. See our Melt-Mor De-Icers page or visit our Melt-Mor website for more details. 

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At Fertimix, we also produce and supply fertilizers, grass seed, herbicides and insecticides to some of the areas largest lawn care, fertilizer and weed control companies. Companies that use our granular fertilizers distributed with spreaders and other companies that require a water soluable solution for spray application. We supply the area professionals and we can supply you as well.

Do-it-yourself fertilizer program

1st application Crabgrass preventer plus fertilizer - Apply early spring anytime between February and April when temperatures are still cool (under 80f). This application will prevent crabgrass before it can germinate and feed winter-weary lawns . We offer two types of crabgrass preventer.

17-0-0 Am .29% Prodiamine
19-0-6 25% SCU .10% Dimension

2nd application Weed & Feed - Apply late spring between April and June we use Memorial day as a reminder and after 4-6 weeks from the 1st application. This application will feed and kill many broadleaf weeds. Best applied on a calm day with a damp lawn with no rain expected for 24 hours . We offer two types of weed and feeds.

22-0-5 30%SCU 1%fe w/Trimec
18-0-6 25% SCU .87% Millenium

3rd application Lawn food with Iron - Apply in summer between June and August we like to use Independence Day as a reminder. This application gives a mid-season boost to help strengthen lawn against heat and drought. The iron adds a nice dark green look to the lawn.

25-0-15 30%NSN 2% FE

4th application Winterizer - Apply in late season in September to November to green up and strengthen lawn for winter.


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Fertilizers for whatever your needs.

We have fertilizers for more than just lawns. No matter what size your property, and for what uses, we have resources for the health of your project. Whether you have a lawn in town or acreage in the country, we can supply your fertilizer needs. Whether it is all turf, a hay field, pasture or crop land.

Residential - Agricultural - Municipal - Athletic
Nurseries - Sod Growers - Golf Courses - Resellers

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